Who Are We?

Bella, in the Italian language, means beautiful. 
And that's what we create...beautifully delicious toffee. 

At Bella toffee, we specialize in award winning milk chocolate almond toffee. 
Each order is made fresh with the highest quality ingredients, exceptional attention to detail, and then shipped directly to your door. .

We are able to take custom and large quantity orders with advanced notice in order to provide you the best product possible. 
Please take a look around. 
Indulge a little. 
And enjoy something truly "beautiful".


All orders are in 1lb boxes and 1/2 lb boxes only

1 lb Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee: 17$

1/2 lb Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee: $11

***To Order:***

Please send an email to

Please include the following:

1: Name

2: Order Specifications (How many 1/2 lb boxes, how many 1 lb boxes, etc)

3: Shipping Address

After you submit your order, you will receive an email with an invoice to pay with PayPal from "Bella Toffee".
Shipping Prices will be shown on your invoice.
No orders will be processed until payment is received in full.

Shipping Info

How Much is Shipping?
Shipping varies on the size of the order. All shipping is done via USPS in Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes.
Size of the order will determine the size of the box....and therefore the price of shipping. 
Shipping will be reflected in final price.
Current prices according to USPS are:

Small Box rates are $6.10
Medium Box Rates are $11.95
Large box rates are $16.35

What if I live in Salt Lake? Can I pick up my order?
Order pick ups are available upon request. Will arrange with seller


Do you offer "Nut Free" orders?
While we can offer nut free orders for personal preference requests (for example: "I don't like almonds"), we cannot do nut free orders for allergen reasons. Our chocolate comes from a supplier that is not a nut free facility. Likewise, our toffee kitchen is not a dedicated nut free kitchen. For these reasons, our toffee cannot be classified as nut free. 

When will my order arrive?
All orders are shipped on Thursday mornings via USPS.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?
If you live in the Salt Lake valley, we are happy to arrange toffee pick up if it meets the schedules of both the buyer and the seller. Please add a note if you wish to pick up your order. 

Why are the prices higher than last year? 
For the first time since starting Bella Toffee, we have raised our prices. But only a little teeny tiny bit.
We've always striven to give our customers the best toffee around, but without a crazy high price.
This is due to the climbing cost of butter and chocolate over the past couple of years. This year (2017), in particular, we have seen a drastic increase in our chocolate and butter supply costs. 

Is there a toffee deadline?
The order cut off for 2017 will be December 13th. This is to allow the toffee maker some time to finish orders before Christmas and dedicate time to her 3 little helpers and Mr. Bella Toffee as the holiday approaches.